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Name:Rory/Logan Fic Exchange
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fic Exchange for fans of Rory/Logan from Gilmore Girls.
How to participate in a fic exchange:

1. Please think very hard and make sure you are able to fulfill your half of the exchange before you sign up.

2. Leave a comment on the sign-up post with the following information:

a) Your email address. I need a working email address that you check regularly to send information about the exchange, including your prompt.

b) A prompt for the author who receives you in the exchange. You can be as vague or as detailed as you'd like. Keep in mind that all fic exchanged here will have Rory/Logan as the central theme, but you can list other pairings you'd like to see as well, a quote from somewhere that you think would be great inspiration for a fic, objects you'd like to see, etc. If there's anything you do not want to see, be sure to mention it here, too. If you don't want smut, make sure to specify that. No angst or no fluff? Let your gifter know!

c) What you will not write. This is to make sure you do not get matched up with someone who wants something you don't feel comfortable writing.

3. When you receive your prompt, write it! There is no limit on how long a fic must be, but they must be at least 2,000 words. Keep in mind that there is a deadline, though, so you may not want to start an epic work-in-progress if you don't think it will be completed in time.

4. You need to make sure your fic has been beta'd before you post it. There will be a list of other authors who will volunteer their services as betas, so please be sure to make use of them. Any link to a fic that has obviously not been beta'd (and I don't mean a typo here or there, I mean constant formatting and grammar errors) will be deleted, and you will be asked to resubmit after it is beta'd. Unbeta'd stories are often times still really good stories, but a lot of readers find them too difficult to enjoy, so do your readers a favor and beta!

5. Post your fic to any site that you wish to post it to, during the deadline time. You can post here, but it is not required. There will be a final gift post open during the deadline time where you will be able to comment with a link to your fic. It is required that you post a link there in the following format:

Gift for [name of person you received in the exchange]
[Link to fic]
Word count:

6. Leave comments for other authors! As a rule, you should at the very least comment on the fic you receive in the exchange, but it would be great if you could read and comment on as many fics as you have time for!

That's it. Make sure to pimp this exchange to your friends. Anyone who wants to make some artwork for the exchange, please do! We really need it!
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